Tri Nguyen

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A micro-blogging platform

Detail page of a specific hashtag.


I got assigned as a main product designer for this project. Zini is a derived word from Zing Tiny (a Twitter-like app of the company). We aim to use hashtag to viral content.

The challenge with this platform is using hashtag (which was brand new at the time for non-twitter users) and in Vietnamese.

Our first step to grow the network is to find an easy way for user to generate content and keep them there, interact with each other

At the time you're reading this, social network already went further a lot versus what i had back then. At that time, hastag is uncommon, Gif image is limitedly supported.


  • Design the app. From logo to app screens.
  • Prepare all html/css for developer to iterate.
  • Work directly with project manager to brainstorm and create roadmap for each week.

Screenshots from the project

Landing page with latest content and multiple ways to login. Responsive!
Home page with onboarding after user logged in
Onboarding when user is registering
Gamification with badges. Thanks to Kien44 for making the cute badges


Guideline for logo
Part of the style guide.


Home page with onboarding

See live html

Ask me anything event

See live html

Landing page

See live html

Top users chart

See live html

Wrapping up

This was a really fun project to work on. I had a chance to bring the fun to work seriously. The impression we've made on the users was really good. Unfortunately, the project didn't make it to the target the company wanted, otherwise it could have be different.