Tri Nguyen

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Visual Design

How i helped elevating Anduin's brand though visual design

There’s a gap in communication design at Anduin during my time. The company didn't plan on hiring a Communication Designer, they were focusing more on building product.

However, when starting a brand new company, you will have tons of low hanging fruit to get done:

  • Printing namecard. I litterally had to send the file to the printing service and pick it up in the early days.
  • Company website. Why not? Letting people know what you're doing is for good.
  • Product brochure. Same reason as above
  • Event banner. Same reason as above

Consider it’s a chance to learn, i took all of those tasks. And it’s actually not only a chance to learn, but it helps you to be better, to understand better about the product you’re designing. Because how can you sell it if you don’t understand it clearly?

Here're some examples:

Our latest landing page. I only did the homepage, thanks to Duong Le for his skillful works on the inside pages.
A single page for our annunal engineering schorlaship program
A backdrop to demo what we do at the event.

I also a kind of guy who like to build great culture. I believe a great working culture will create the most effective work that no other tools can do. Read more about my design leadership at Anduin. With my shaky visual skill, i helped:

  • Making t-shirt to make better internal engagement.
  • Series of Tshirt
  • Making buttons
  • Sticker and magnet. Thanks to StickerMule for their quality products

Some shots from the works:

A sci-fi version of our logo in the early days. Our CEO loves sci-fi.
Rohan kingdom T-Shirt drawing.
Magnet inspired by Gondor kingdom in Lord Of The Rings.
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